Adding a Fruit Orchard using Woodland Scenics

On the current rally track, I had left a space down the right hand end for a fruit orchard. It ties in with the old shed theme and soon to be built house/control tower. I had a fruit orchard on the old autocross track and always liked the idea.

This time around I chose Woodland Scenics for the trees and their apple/orange fruit pack. The idea is you can add the fruit to any of their trees so your not restricted to just one type of fruit trees. I thought this was a good idea at the time…. more on this later.

The tree bases made good guides for working out my rows and spacing before drilling.

I chose the 2 to 3 inch dark green trees. I didn’t want to block the view of the road while driving and the size of the fruit that goes on the trees, in all honesty, is a bit small in scale. This might be suitable for smaller railway scale scenery but for slots, I felt they needed to be a bit bigger. The tree bases wouldn’t be needed as I intend to drill a small hole into the board and plug the trees into the holes with their prong on the base.

Plug the trees into the holes and see how they look.

I swapped a few around to get a more consistant pattern. The holes are approx 75mm apart and reasonable square to each other, with the rows sitting at 45 degrees to the edge of the table. It looks ok but a bit dull. One by one I removed the trees and added the fruit.

Woodland Scenics offer a white glue in a small bottle but it didn’t look any different to the  pva glue I already had. I filled a drink bottle cap with glue and used a fine paint brush. 12 to 15 small dabs of glue on the tree and I would hold it over a plastic bowl with the red/orange fruit mix in it. With small handfuls at a time, I would drop the fruit onto the tree with the excess dropping back into the bowl and a few fruits hitting the glue and staying on. Each tree took approx 3 minutes to remove, glue, fruit and replace.

Overall I am very pleased with the trees. As I mentioned earlier, the idea of being able to add fruit to any of the Woodland Scenic trees is a good one, but the fruit is a bit small for 1/32 scale slot cars. Just need to finish off the right hand side of the road in the photo below with a bit of grass and some people.


I have a huge passion for food, hate to stay in comfort zone.